A man with silicone breasts and 20 days in the dark: incredible pairs of pokerists

Powerists are known to be gambling people. They are often not enough for their favorite game, so they have to invent entertainment and, believe me, fantasies are not missing them. Before you five incredible seemingly pair of pokerists.

20 days in the dark

It all started with an innocent conversation between Rori’s porester and his friend Rich Alaty. Guys thought how much time a person can alone in a small space without light. Thing stated that 30 days, Rori was convinced that much smaller. The couple was not avoided.

At the horse put a total of $ 100,000. To get them a thing Alaty had one to spend 30 days in a small bathroom deprived of any light source. To prevent fraud, a round-the-clock video is driven. The only indulgence-Alaty could order any food. After 20 days, Rori Young decided to find out how a friend feels and realized that there was no smallest problems and he would easily last 10 days. So Young decided to negotiate and stop pairs at 20 days, paying instead of $ 100,000 "only" 62 400. On that and dispersed.

Thing Alaty in his "Prison"

Minus 22 kilograms, plus $ 2,000,000… almost

In 2010, Ted Forest laid with the famous Mike "The Mouth" Matus, which will be able to lose 22 kilograms in a few months. In case of defeat, Ted had to give only $ 100,000, but Mike did not believe in the success of a colleague that he put $ 2 million at the end. At the start of the couple Forest weighed 85 kilograms, so the goal was 63 kg. Ted took up the case not a joke. He spent 6 hours in the gym and passed 25 kilometers every day. As a result, Forest has reached his goal. He later confessed that Matusov did not fulfill his obligations completely. Instead of two million Ted received only $ 75,000 for his efforts.

Ted Forest "after" and "to"

Race with a horse

Legendary poterist, member of the Hall of Glory Amarillo Slim was a well -known pair of pair. Once he put on the fact that he would be able to overtake the horse at a distance of 100 yards (91 meters). He has left the right to choose a race route. It was necessary to compete on a narrow path of 50 yards one way and 50 – in the other. While the horse with the rider turned around, Slim has already overcome the distance. Amaraillo in a similar way twice won professional tennis players in their game. True "Raklands" He chose a poker. Once it was frying pans and the other – bottles. Both of Slim before he managed to work well, so that he won the professionals.

Swimming with sharks

This story happened to Columbia by Freddie Torres.

One morning on the Caribah I walked to the pool with friends with intention to sunbathe. We passed the artificial bay with sharks and one of the friends told me: "If I give you $ 1,000, you jump there?" I looked into the aquarium, removed the T -shirt and prepared for the jump.

Fredi honestly earned his money and you would risen life for a thousand dollars?

A man with silicone breasts

And, finally, the winner of our rating Brian Zembik is a gambler, and at the same time a magician. He stood with one of his friends for $ 100,000… which will insert himself silicone implants into the chest. He said – he did. Money for Operation ($ 5,000) Zembick, by the way, won the backgammon. Under the terms of the couple, to get $ 100,000 Brian had not only insert silicone breasts but also to pass with them at least a year. Instead, Brian lived with such "Upgrade" 20 years.

Even this incredible pairs between pokerists are not limited. So in the future we will definitely continue this selection!