Varieties of poker: Holdem 6+

It is also called Holdem with "short" deck, and experts predict this domination game in popularity among the varieties of poker. And this despite the fact that Holdm 6+ to Europe from China was brought only 5 years ago.

Poker with "short" deck, unlike classic varieties, play not 52 cards, but 36. The game lacks two, three, four and five. But the principle of the game is fully in line with the classic Texas Holdem. Bidding players lead on four streets-pre-Flop, flop, tuny and River, and combinations form from two pocket cards and three from the board.

The main difference concerns the seniority of the combinations themselves. In Holdm 6+ Trips is older than Street. After all "short" deck, collect 5 cards in order of different suits lighter than 3 cards of one rank. The same applies to Ful Hous compared to flash. Here is also the distribution of forces another than in the classic holdm.

Combination Combination Care in Holdm 6+:

  1. Royal flash
  2. Street flash
  3. Kare
  4. Flash
  5. Ful-house
  7. Street
  8. Two pairs
  9. Couple
  10. Senior map

Another point – in the formation of the lower street: as in the traditional Holdm, the participation of ace. However, in Holdm 6+ the oldest card in the deck is the foundation of the street from six and above.

After all, the main chip of the Holdemus from "short" deck is a more dynamic game compared to his ancestor. This is why 6+ becomes rapidly popular in poker community. So you can get acquainted with a new game on most poker platforms in online. The Holdem’s Holds is rapidly "short" deck and on the leading "alive" Series of tournaments.