The hard fate of the pokerists: the way from instant success to complete collapse

There are many examples in the poker when talented players lost millions of dollars in a few days. Let’s give the brightest of them.

Sti Auger (- $ 30 million)

Stuart Auger is a legendary figure in the poker world. Many considered him the best player of all the time in the Haldem. The impressive ups and falls of a young guy still cause a stormy discussion among a new generation of pokerists.

Auger became known after victory in the main event of the 1980 poker world series. Then he was immediately nicknamed "Baby". True or not, but that tournament was the first in Stuart’s career. The following year he won the Main Event WSOP bracelet again and was considered a real genius.

Stu Ange / Photo DailySquib

Using his photographic memory and mathematical abilities, the American earned over $ 30,000,000. But Stu Angra’s affairs have worsened seriously when he started using drugs.

Auger could win huge money at a poker table and then lose even more on the ponds. In 1997, Stu again becomes the champion of the main event WSOP. His friend Billy Bacter paid a contribution of $ 10,000 in the last minutes of late registration. The physical condition of the Auger was far from perfect but gradually seized leadership and kept it to the final table.

Most of the money won he still spent on drugs and rates. The following year once a talented player was found dead at Las Vegas Hotel. Death came not from overdose, but from heart disease caused by many years of drug use.

Archie Karas (- $ 40 million)

Archie Karas nickname "Greek" arrived in Las Vegas in 1992 with $ 50 in your pocket. He borrowed from a friend $ 10,000 and returned it within a few hours after won three times more in poker.

Literally in a few years Karas managed to earn over $ 40,000,000. In doing so, he managed to break the record of the most prominent and longest winning series in the history of casino.

Archie Karas / Photo

But Archie made a fatal mistake when he started looking for new kinds of games for earning. Losing $ 11,000,000 in gambling has become the beginning of collapse. Next was a stunning minus $ 17,000,000 in Bakkaru. So in 2 days "Greek" lost over $ 30,000,000 and couldn’t stop anymore.

Eric Lindgren (- $ 12 million)

Eric Lindgren was a famous figure in the era of poker boom. American won the WSOP in 2008, earning $ 374 505. He then won another cake world series by adding $ 6,117.

Eric Lindren / Photo

He was rightly considered a world -class player. But the fall of Lindgren began when he began to bet huge sizes on fantasy-sports. At some point the amount grew up to $ 100,000.

He learned about his gambling problems in 2012, when Lindgren failed to make $ 100,000 in private fantasy-liga. Immediately there were rumors about the huge debts of the American. In 2015, Lindgren declared full bankruptcy.