Starting hands in king: Conctors

Many players, including taitic style, prefer premium-netables such as AK, AQ or pocket pairs above average. Others, those that play much wider, often enter the bank with concars, understanding all the potential of this hand.

Conctors (from English. Connect-to connect) in king-these are cards that go consistently one after the other, such as 10-J or 5-6, which can also be different suit. Obviously, their main purpose is to make a combination formation "Street". And if you have one suit, there are several options here: potential street, flash and even street flash or royal flesh.

Conctors in "pockets" will fall quite often – in 15.7% of cases, or in every sixth distribution. But the likelihood of getting single conectors is almost 4%. In Texas Haldem, the chances of collecting street on flop with concators are 1.3%and the street-10.5%. With single-bearing concators you will catch a flash on the flop in almost every hundredth cases, a flash drive-in almost every tenth.

At the same time, single -time conctors are quite good at victory already on the preflopa. In AK they are equal to 20%, and say, in single-aged 4-5-11%. So such a hand can create difficulty even pocket aces. 7-6 one suit will win in "rockets" in almost every fourth occasion.

Obviously, conectors make it possible to continue playing on the starting streets and press rivals, first of all tait. It is most advantageous to play such a hand in multi-joints, but in this case it will not hurt to enlist the support of the late position.