Who became the richest poker in 2022

After Kovid, live poker gained great popularity: international tournaments, EPT and WPT festivals attracted thousands of players, setting records of series attendance. The same can be said about the world series of poker, where a record number of tournaments was played – 214.

The players returned to the tables and the most successful won the offline millions of dollars. About the top three in 2022 – we tell in the material.

3rd place – Jason Kun (8 323 248 dollars)

Three of the best players with the greatest fortune per year opens Jason Kun. On the eve of Christmas, American won free Pokergo Tour Championship, which took place in format "The winner gets everything". The prize was $ 500,000. Also in December he beat Phil Helmut in Hedz-Apa on High Stakes Duel with Bay-in $ 800,000.

Jason Kun / Photo Pokergo.com

The third largest prize that Kun received this year – $ 762,000. American took 5th place in the main event of Triton Shr in Cyprus. And the largest amount of Jason got again on Triton Shr, but in Madrid, where he won the Short Deck tournament with the main prize of 1 750,000 euros.

2nd place – Sam Grafton (8 418 423 dollars)

Sam grafton was a little ahead of Jason Kun in the indicator earned a year. The English poker in living tournaments this year has made 12 ITM. The biggest prize he received in an event with Bay-in $ 200,000 Coin Rivet Invitational at Cypriot Series Triton SHR. Victory brought grafton $ 5,500,000.

Sam Grafton / Photo Pgt.com

Could English this year win the first WSOP bracelet but in the hedz-opa lost Orpen Kisadzhikoglu. Almost one million dollars Grafton won the tournament for $ 50,000 in a Cypriot series of Triton SHR, and in Madrid in the main event of Triton Shr Madrid for $ 100,000 took 5 place and won 756 631 dollars.

1st place – Espen Yorsstad (10 529 466 dollars)

Norwegian poker Espen Yorsstad became the main character of 2022. In Las Vegas in the world series of poker he won the main Main Event Wsop tournament with a fantastic prize for 1 place-$ 10,000,000. Norwegian won 2 bracelets at once – the second in the team tournament with Patrick Leonard.

Espen Yorsstad / Photo PokerNews

After that, the newly made world champion could afford to participate in any tournaments. By the end of the year Espen Yorsstad issued 19 ITM live tournaments for a total amount of $ 10,529 466.