Fables from Branson’s Grandpa: A Stoker at a Poker Table

Patriarch of the game and one of the founders of the World series Poker Doyle Branson on his giant professional way got into many strange situations. From some stories of the “great dad” the spirit intercepts, and in others it is even difficult to believe.

The legendary American who will soon hit 87 years old, likes to remember the times of combat poker glory and warn the new generation of repeating the mistakes of his youth. Yes, in one of his books, Doyle Branson spoke about a long poker session that cost one of his opponents.

Poker in the 70s of the 20th century. Photo: Wikipedia

In those days, and it was about the 70-80s of the last century, Branson and the company could not get up for several days in a row because of the poker table in Las Vegas. In one of these marathon sessions, a player named Verjil overestimated his own physical capabilities. A grueling play by a pokerist diluted with solid doses of alcohol. And after another glass of whiskey, fell on the table. Verjil was only about 50 years old, Doyle Branson recalls. But the player’s heart did not withstand the shaky loads.

Obviously poker and alcohol things are incompatible. However, many pointers even nowadays do not sit down at the table without a kind of doping. On most "alive" poker series by regulations are not forbidden to drink just during tournaments and cache games. That, besides harm to health, can hit the wallet substantially.

Finnish Professional Hilari Sakhamis once lost in one session more than $ 3 million. But the American poterist Roger Tspok, because of his passion for the strong, even the nickname got "Drunk Master".