Instead of mat-oll-in: how chess players earn millions

Not so long ago the main figure of chess, the king of this game, the constant world champion Magnus Carlsen made a small "Rocking": took the duties to promote poker in his native Norway. There’s Magnus is a huge star. Therefore, his arrival in poker certainly provokes the popularity of this intellectual game in Scandinavia.

And not Carlsen is the only one. Other elite chess players also like to change wooden figures to a deck of cards. For example, about the Russians Peter Svideller and Alexander Gryshchuk. These are top gracemaster. Therefore, a loaded schedule. Grishchuk even successfully performs in the contenders tournament (now there is a break through coronavirus). If he wins those competitions then will fight with Magnus Carlsen for a chess crown. Then it can be said that the two best chess players are interested in poker.

Magnus Carlsen. Photo: Wikimedia

Really good chess earnings get only elite athletes. So many chess players have finally decided to change their profession. Some went into poker. And, apparently, does not regret. As here, for example, American Ilon Schwartz. He has been playing poker regularly for over 15 years. During this time in live tournaments earned more than five million dollars. The main part (nearly 4 million) – A prizes for fourth place in the main event at WSOP 2008.

Even longer in the king of Austrian Ivo Donev. His nickname "The Chess Master" gives us understand that his time he changed one intellectual game to another. Ivo is the third most successful Austrian poker in history – $ 2.5 million!

Another striking example. Mike McDonald. The young Canadian has already earned more than $ 13 million. And as a child he was professionally engaged in chess. By irony of fate, he introduced Mike to Picer … his chess coach. After one of the classes, he suggested a student to be distracted. Explained the rules, the initial strategy and went! As a result, Canada lost a chess player but got a wonderful poterist.

Mike McDonald. Photo: Upswing Poker

And the most successful chess player in king is Belarus Nikita Bodyakovsky. More than $ 28 million in prize for a career. Thirteenth place in the list of the most successful players in history. And it’s at 28! From childhood he was a very capable boy. He was engaged in chess. At the age of 12 he was even one of the best players of his region. Nikita’s father is a candidate for chess sports masters. He was proud of his son who became the country champion in his age categories. But over time, Bodyakovsky was increasingly disappointed in the prospects of his own development in this sport. In particular, and financial. Therefore migrated into poker – a game that fully revealed the potential of Belarus.

There is also a Ukrainian example in the transition from chess to poker. WSOP EUROPE Bracelet Lord, Rinat Bogdanov also started his path in sports.