Negrean returned: Canadian poker-pro won $ 3,300,000

On the third day of the tournament, the game recovered from the stage of 5-max, but none of the participants had guaranteed a prize. Leaded with a large detachment Nick Petrandzhelo and Daniel Negrean. Justin Bonomo, Andrew Lichtenberger and Orphen Kisachikoglu was waiting for a difficult battle for the title.

As a result "Lucky" became a Turkish poker Kisachikoglu, Having lost with AQ ladies Lichtenberger. Further, the American removed from the distance Bonomo, Successfully set up with boilers against a couple of eight. Justin took the minimum prize of tournament – $ 720,000.

In 3-maxi the game was seriously delayed. It all ended in exhibition Lichtenberger with K6 against A6 Negrean. On the flop the Canadian caught the ace. In the hedz-opa junction came fast. Daniel had a huge advantage over the chips and he managed to squeeze immediately Petrandzhelo.

A few years ago I played a hedz-up of this tournament. Then a lot of friends cheered for me. But I lost. I told them this year: "Guys, sit at home! Let me just win the tournament – come to me home, open a bottle of champagne", Negrean told after the victory.

The title of Super High Roller Bowl brought a Canadian 3 312 000 dollars. This is the second largest prize in the pine career of Negrean.