One of the best poker planet is accused of multimillion -dollar fraud

Millionaire, businessman and well-known fan of poker Bill Perkins said several professional players have checked him for a very significant amount of money on online tables:

Ripening a scandal associated with a cheating in king compared to which scandal with Mike postl will be like church service. It is hard to fit in my head. I’m very disappointed in many people. Some of them would you call poker heroes. Only one professional showed honesty, others with a crash failed.

Subsequently Perkins added that the only one who behaved in this situation was Jason Kun. But the details of what happened and who played the role of the main thief, Bill did not reveal. By this, he, by the way, caused a great outrage. Like, why to disclose such information at all if the most important thing is still a secret. Perkins referred to the fact that he could not reveal the details because his investigation continues, but several theses still told:

  • Game: private
  • Appendix: Downloaded by invitation
  • Fraud participants: yet unknown
  • Fraud: Game of Professionals under Nicks Fish
  • Investigation: is underway
  • Evidence: Personal confessions/facts

Bill Perkins did not name any names, instead, did another odious millionaire-polarist Dan Bilzerian. According to him.

Dan Kates is a cheater? / Photo: PokerNews

One of the best players of the present in the mentioned friendly game seemed to be hiding under a fictional nick. The latter assured that he is now actively consulted with lawyers on how to act in this situation.

Dan Kates himself all charges denies. However, it is interesting he is not the first time faces something like. A few years ago, during the expensive cache game on Kates TV show, Scott Sever was accused of Siver right at the table: