Poker Elite: A tournament with an incredible bay-in 200,000 dollars started at Cyprus

The most interesting tournament this year takes place within the Triton Poker series. The organizers of the festival decided to bring together professionals and large businessmen in a unique format with a contribution of $ 200,000.

To the tournament could only be hit by a special invitation. The composition of the participants was formed as follows: the organizers invited businessmen, and those in turn called one professional player. Thus, a ratio of 50 to 50 between professionals and rich amateurs was formed.

Participants can make one re-entry. Among the invited profits, many world -class stars – Michael Addama, Nikita Bodyakovsky, Fedor Holtz, Arthur Martirosyan, Patrick Antonius, Bertrand Grospelier, Eric Sideel, current World Champion Espen Yorsstad and many others. On the first day, professionals and lovers played at different tables, in the second – united.

There were 90 participants from the start of the tournament. Already at the first level flew a well -known professional Phil Ive. He was handed the second Nats in the first flash against Linus Leliger. During the first day the players made exactly 20 re-entra. Leader Leon Candy, which at the end of the day punched preflop Hall-in 118 BB with hand T9s and beat AQ Santosh Suvarna. 80 players passed on the second day of the event.

Hayrollelelers’ warehouse in this tournament is incredibly comfortable. Find in an event with bay-in $ 200,000 so much recreational players in any other series is simply impossible. The decisive battles will take place on the second and third day of the tournament.