The Golden Globe Lord will play in a movie about Phil Ive

American actress and singer Nora Lama, better known for the pseudonym of aquafin, agreed to play a major role in the movie that will reveal the details of the scam of the popular poterist Phil Ive and a cheater Chen Yin San. Actually the role of the latter and got nori.

Back in 2012, Ive and Chen Yin San were able to win about $ 10 million in barar playing in American Borgata Casino. However, they did it thanks to a factory marriage of a party card of company "Gemaco". Drawing on the back of the cards in many logs was not symmetrical, which allowed scammers to distinguish closed cards.

Casino representatives sued, including quince, and won the case in several instances. Powerist, however, until he has turned the money won. Now here about this story will be filmed a movie. The basis of the script will be Michael Kaplan’s article "CACAR Machine", where in details are described this and several more scams chen yin san.

Phil Ive and Chen Yin San / Photo: Gavin Rodgers

Nora Lam, who has got the main role, already has experience in a similar topic. She starred in a movie "Eight girlfriends are Ouchen". The same year American received a prestigious award "Golden globe" in nomination "The best female role in comedy or musical", for the movie "Farewell". The name of the actor who will play the role of Phil Iveev until.