With whom Daniel Negrean will never sit down to play: a star poker made a personal rating

On his YouTube channel Daniel Negran posted an interesting video in which he divided his opponents into different categories. From pleasant and friendly and to those with whom will never sit to play at one table.

The most fun opponents "KidPoker" considers Phila Helmut, Scotti Nguen and Maria Ho. Enjoys playing with Doyle Branson, Phil Awi, Chino Rima, Jason Mersye and Jason Kuhn. Expresses the respect of Alex Foxen, Dan Smith, Scott Sever, Feder Holts, so two and Vanessa Selbst.

Among the more scandalous "nominations" There were as follows: "Give me peace" and "I will never sit down with them". In the first case, Negrean named the names Justin Bonomo and Mother Matus. And among those who do not like Daniel at all, found themselves Jake Schindler and Martin KabrHel, which is known for its unbearable behavior and delaying time while playing.

Interesting that along with Justin Bonomo on the list was Mike Matusov. He has been playing Negrean for over 20 years, sometimes players quarreled on social networks, but in a poker community they were always considered friends.