Beauty from Taiwan won fantasy liga at the World Cup with poker

The world series of poker has been well for Maria Ho, but her main win was not associated with a specific tournament, but with the results of other players. Known Power and TV presenter decided to take part in the Fantasy League WSOP. To do this, it was necessary to collect a team and pay a cash contribution of $ 25,000.

In total, 14 teams gathered. They were given $ 200 at the choice of eight players depending on their expected value. The most expensive in fantasy league were perennial candidates for the title "The player of the year" WSOP Sean Day and Daniel Negrean. The further the player in the tournament passed, the more points he brought the team. The bracelet win was estimated at 50 points, getting into money – in one. Fantasy-League Prize Fund-$ 350,000.

Maria Ho She chose the team of last year’s champion WSOP Main Event Aldemira, Mark Johnson, Joao Vieira, Craig Cheita, Felipe Ramos, Jim Collipe, John Hennigan and himself. In sum, players brought her 1 140 points. The most successful in the team were Coray Aldemir – 358 points and Marco Johnson – 233 points.

Second place with a result of 973 points took another star poker Daniel Negrean. An additional $ 200,000 will definitely not interfere with the fact that the series he finished "In minus". Josh Arye, Dario Sammartino and Chino Rimo Rim played a major role in the Negrean team. In the amount of the trio scored 837 points.

NO GAMBLE NO FUTURE command that was included Jeff Platte and Brent Hanks, took 3 place and received the last 50,000 dollars from the total prize fund. The other 11 teams just spent $ 25,000 each.