Michael Jordan: King of Basketball and Poker Hiroler

It’s no secret that legend "Chicago Bulz" Michael Jordan is a very gambling person. And this trait of the character of the American dominated not only on basketball parquet. "His airiness" He loved the trick of money in various disputes, was not indifferent to the intellectual game – poker.

Giordan’s backstage poker accomplishments were told by his US national team in The Last Dance Document. According to another star of Basketball Charles Barkley, Michael and the company arranged real poker marathons, in particular during the Barcelona Olympics.

For the 1992 games, Americans traditionally traveled with favorites, and therefore could even reach the result with the sleeves lowered. Actually, Michael Jordan in Scotti Pippen, Medzhik Johnson and Charles Barcli filled pauses between games and training in poker play.

Michael Jordan by playing poker. Photo: Poker Central

Debeli millionaires sat down for your favorite game every night leaving only an hour or two. Michael Jordan, as well as on parquet, did not love and went to victory by all possible methods.

I and Scotti did not have as much money as Michael and Medzhik, so we realized that no matter how cards were they would press on us a stack. In the end, several times during the session, Jordan just knocked his opponents, thanks to a questionable but massive pond, ”Charles Barcley complains.

Michael Jordan (in the middle) as part of the US national team. Photo: Getty Images

Regular nocturnal poker sittings in no way affected the dominance of the US national team in Barcelona. Dream Tim won all 8 matches and took away "gold". Michael Jordan, however, was in no hurry to rest on the laurels. Landing at home, "His gambling" He fought for an establishment for 900 bucks that his suitcase will appear first on the luggage conveyor. Obviously, during the Olympiad on a game of poker Michael Jordan earned well.